Annabella Grimaldi aka Annie Grimm


Calling: Criminal Corruption: Desire – Defiler (2 points) Qualities: Criminal Associations, Murder of Crows, Reputation – Street, Connections (4 pts), Quiet Impediments: Malignity (rank 2 Defiler), Secret Skills: Streetwise (Cant, Procurer, Confidence Man, Negotiator), Acting, Appraise, Concentration, Language, Torture, Melee Weapon (Knife/Razor), Shadow, Escapology, Lock Picking, Gambling, Unarmed Combat


Annie is a product of the streets of the East End. While she is neither particularly strong nor quick, she has an iron will and an incredibly sharp wit. She is a repository of information of all kinds almost all of which is available to buy for the right price; she knows where and how to obtain special items or services not for sale anywhere else in London. Her nickname “the Shiv” comes from her ability to cut down men with her sharp tongue, but those close to her know it also refers to the wickedly sharp straight razor she keeps in her boot for protection. She earns her keep as a prostitute (see below).

Annie almost entirely views people as potential marks and commodities to be used to her benefit. The one major exception to this is her twin brother Lorenzo with whom she has an extremely close familial bond. While neither sibling looks too closely at the other’s day to day activities (criminal or otherwise), Annie is fiercely protective of her brother and his well-being. She often supplies him with tips and other information to assist in his thievery. Annie can be highly suspicious (and at times jealous) of the people Enzo befriends and adores.

Like her brother, Annie is an anarchist. She is less concerned with political maneuvering, however, and more interested in destroying the establishment as it stands. Annie has a complete lack of remorse for her actions and has a reckless disregard for the safety of herself and others. She has thus far been able to stay clear of the workhouses or jail, but her secret activities (some of which even Enzo does not know about) keep her in constant danger from the law. Annie finds innocence and purity fascinating – as things to be destroyed. It is her not so secret pleasure to prey on the naive, the young and the foolish (Corruption: Desire – Defiler)

Annie learned and excelled at the craft of sexual sadism while working in a brothel owned by Mary Jeffries in the Whitechapel district. While she still maintains a loose business relationship with Jeffries, Annie has moved out and into her own rented room near the parish church of St. Mary of Lambeth in which she continues ply her trade (both vanilla and otherwise). She is still called upon from time to time by the brothel for “special” clients in need of discrete services not available by the regular stable of Jeffries’ girls. It is from many of these clients that Annie obtains vital information which she sells to the Family and other criminals. Any objection a john might have to being used in such a manner is quickly silenced by the threat of their perversions being exposed in public.

Annie has done pretty much anything for money, but the one avenue she has found most profitable is stealing children, particularly those of middle class families, when she can get her hands on them. While they occasionally find their way sold into a brothel (as Victorian men highly prize young virgins), they are mostly turned over and sold to the Underground butchers for their ghoulish meat markets. She has absolutely no remorse about these kidnappings and killings, but she is very certain that her relationship with her brother would be destroyed if he found out. However… perhaps Lady Rose has a niece or nephew that has gone missing…

Annie has very little control over her defiler instincts, even if it would cause permanent harm to her relationships with Kip and Enzo. It is because of this knowledge that she ultimately begged Kip to end her. There are some monsters that even Annie is afraid of… turns out one of them is herself.

She was last seen walking out of the local pub with her childhood friend Kip. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Annabella Grimaldi aka Annie Grimm

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